Lyman, South Carolina

Town of Lyman 
Playground Update 
Timelines are as follows to complete the playground project: 

 Remaining items to be finished:  
Playground equipment installation
Restroom facilities   
Playground surface material inside area 
Bench installation 
Small shrub planting   
Sidewalks & Lighting
Mature shade tree planting   
  Estimated Completion Date:  
June 1st   COMPLETED 
June 25th 
June 30th 
June 30th 
July 4th 
November 15th
 *   All of the above are estimated dates and subject to change relating to weather conditions 

Playground progess 1 website

Playground progress 2 website

Playground Progress 3 website

Playground progress 4 website

Playground progress 5 website

Playground progress 6 website