Lyman, South Carolina

An updated Business License Ordinance for the Town of Lyman was passed via Ordinance on October 29, 2019.  Click Here to view the Ordinance. 

Click Here to view our Rate Schedule 

Any business that is located within the Town of Lyman, OR out-of-town businesses, who perform work within Town limits, are required by Town Ordinance Section 7-2001 to purchase a business license.

The Current Business License Ordinance adopted by the Lyman Town Council, on September 14, 1998, and amended February 2, 2009 requires the verification of gross sales receipts with the submission of your Federal Tax return. Annual licenses are valid from January 1st thru December 31st of each year. Renewals are due on or before April 22nd of each year to avoid penalties and non-compliance.  Any discrepancies on the part of the business will be subject to fine or penalty.

Contractors will be issued a temporary one-time license when appropriate and are valid only for the event or job for which they are issued. 

Forms are available in our Online Forms Section.  

Please be aware that in office credit card or debit card payments for business license have a minumum conveneince fee of $4.99 or 3.5% whichever is greater.  Online card payments are subject to a 7% convenience fee.  

If you have any questions or need to speak with someone regarding a business license, please call 864.485.0366.