Lyman, South Carolina

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Program Overview

The Town of Lyman has developed a Façade Improvement Grant Program to encourage the revitalization of and the reinvestment in our Historic Downtown. The program is designed to retain and attract small businesses, strengthen the Downtown area, increase utilization of those commercial buildings, restore economic vitality and enhance property values.

This program provides up to $2,500.00 in reimbursable grant funds to finance exterior improvements to qualifying Downtown Commercial buildings. This Façade Improvement Grant program is a 50/50 match program and reimbursements shall be administered on a first come first serve basis, until available funding is expended.

Façade Improvement Grant Program Application
Façade Improvement Grant Program Guidelines
Façade Improvement Grant Program Owner Consent Form

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What is a Façade?
For the purposes of this program, the definition of façade is: An individual storefront or building side which faces a public right-of-way or is otherwise visible to the general public.

A property owner of a single building with separate addresses may apply for a separate façade grant for each address.

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Application Process

  • Submit your completed application to the Planning and Zoning Department. Your application should include:
    • The completed/signed application Owner Consent Form (if Applicable)
    • All plans/drawings of proposed work
    • Preliminary Budget showing that you can meet the match requirements for your project
  • The Façade Improvement Grant Program Board will review your application and supporting materials.
    • All requested improvements should be visible to the general public.
  • Once your application has been approved by the Town of Lyman, you have one year from approval date to construct all improvements listed in the application.
    • All Permitting and Business License policies still apply to all projects.
  • Property Owners/Tenants will submit copies of their invoices for approval. Reimbursement will be given within thirty (30) business days after all copies of invoices, receipts and cleared checks have been received.

Match Requirements

  • To be eligible for these funds, you must match 50% of the grant amount.
    For example, if a property owner spent $3,000.00 on an approved project, they would be eligible for reimbursement of $1,500.00.

  • Applicants are only eligible to receive up to $2,500.00 in reimbursements per application. The Town will only cover material costs and labor expenses conducted by a licensed contractor.

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Eligible Expenses

Our Historic Downtown has so many unique characteristics. Through this program, we can make sure that we can maintain them. Below are all of the eligible expenses for this program. 

  • General Façade Improvements
    • Exterior Signs Outdoor
    • Lighting Walkway covers
    • Awnings, canopies, sunshades
    • Decorative Fencing Addition or removal/replacement
    • Landscaping & Parking Lot updates
  • Restoration of Historic Features
    • Masonry/Carpentry Repairs
    • Iron Bar Removal/Disposal
    • Painting or exterior surface treatment
    • Windows/Doors – Removal/Replacement
Not sure if your project feature qualifies? Give us a call at 864-439-0680.

Please note that the Town of Lyman can only cover material costs and labor expenses conducted by a licensed contractor.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply?

Any Commercial Business on Groce Rd located at # 1-65 in Downtown Lyman. 

When is the deadline to apply?
There is not a deadline to apply. You can apply at any time. Please note that this reimbursements are issued on a first come first serve basis, so do not delay if you are wanting to apply.

Are there any application fees?
There are not any application fees. However, this program is a 50:50 match program and will require the applicant to spend the same amount on the project that they are requesting from the Town. Applicants should account for this in the project planning.

How do I know if I need the Owner Consent Form?
You will only need to submit an Owner Consent Form if you are not the property owner. This typically happens when the Business owner and the property owner are different. 

What do my project drawings and plans need to have on them?
Your project drawings and plans need to include before and after drawings of the work you plan to do as well as all dimensions/measurements of any new work being repaired or replaced. 

What should I put in my Preliminary Budget?
You should include all labor and material cost estimates or quotes for the work. In addition, you should also include any contractor information associated with the project. 

Can I apply for more than one storefront?
A property owner of a single building with separate addresses may apply for a separate façade grant for each address.

If I was previously approved, when can I apply again?
A property may be judged to be eligible for a second façade improvement grant if at least five (5) years have elapsed since the first grant was awarded and the façade is in need of further improvement.

What happens after my project is approved? 
After you are approved, you will need to ensure that all Business License and permitting steps are completed with CC&I Services.