Lyman, South Carolina

A program for those in our community that live alone, are disabled or the victims of domestic abuse.

Many people in our community, whether elderly, disabled or in domestic abuse situations do not have relatives close by to periodically "check" on them. The Citizen Check Program was implemented to allow the Town and the Police Department to make an impact on the lives of our citizens in need.

The program allows each registered resident to receive an automated call each morning. If the call is answered the calls stop for the day, however if it is unanswered after several attempts, the Lyman Police will respond to the residence for a welfare check.

This simple program provides a sense of peace and security to those who may go days without any type of outside contact. It ensures that someone will be "checking" on them each day.

If you know someone who would benefit from this program or if you would benefit please contact us at 864.439.3453. The registration form is also located in our Online Forms section under the Department tab.