Lyman, South Carolina

The Lyman Police Department's Reserve Officer Program is well organized and highly respected in South Carolina. Our Reserve Unit consists of volunteers from the Lyman community and surrounding areas.

Before becoming Reserve Officers in our program, these dedicated volunteers attend over three months of intense and detailed law enforcement training. This training includes South Carolina Law, Town Ordinances, Ethics, Patrol Procedures, Defensive Tactics, Officer Survival, Firearms, O.C. Spray, Prisoner Transport, Juvenile Procedures, Domestic Violence Laws and more.

Once the training is complete a test at the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy must be passed. A passing grade certifies these individuals as Reserve Police Officers in the State of South Carolina. With this certification these individuals can be accepted as Lyman Reserve Police Officers. These volunteers continue their training at monthly Reserve meetings and in the field with certified Field Training Officers (FTO). The Reserve Officers are allowed to attend any additional training offered by the Department.

The Reserve Officers will be required to complete a minimum 240 hours training with a full time officer before being able to patrol on their own.

Our Reserve Officers work side by side with and supplement our full time Police force. Reserve Officers must volunteer at least 240 hours a year or 60 hours per quarter. Many of the Officers in our full time force began their law enforcement careers as Reserve Police Officers.


1.  Must have a valid South Carolina Drivers License.

2.  A High School Graduate or GED.

3.  In good physical health.

4.  No criminal history within the last ten years.


1.  Complete an application. Available at the Lyman Police Department. Include with your application the following:

        a. Copy of your birth certificate.

        b. Copy of your South Carolina driver’s license.

        c. Copy of your Social Security Card.

        d. Copy of your High School Diploma or GED.

2.  Must attend an 8 to 12 week course. 

3.  Must pass the final exam.

4.  Once selected you will be issued a uniform and equipment and sworn in.

5.  Must go through the Field Officer Training Program.

6.  Must complete at least 240 hours of reserve time per year. This is by state law.

7.  Must attend monthly training and meetings.

Our Reserve Police Officers are a valuable asset to our Department and Community. If you have any questions concerning the Reserve Program or if you are interested in becoming a Reserve Police Officer or would like to attend the next Reserve Class, please call (864) 485-0240.