Lyman, South Carolina

In order to more equitably distribute the financial responsibility of operating the sewer system, the Town of Lyman has recently adopted a new rate structure for sewer billing.  This rate structure includes an "in town" and "out of town" rate.  The in town or inside rate will apply to anyone inside the corporate limits of the Town of Lyman.  The outside rate will apply to everyone else, with the exception of the community of Startex.

Monthly Sewer ChargesInsideOutside 
Minimum Charge (Usage equals 2,000 gallons or less) $14.60 $20.22  
 Volume Charge-per 1000 gallons (Usage in excess of 2000 gallons) $   4.08 $   5.65  
Monthly Usage, gallons     4,995     4,995  
Average Customer Monthly Bill   $26.82  $37.14  
Startex I/I Surcharge per Month         $5.00  

TAP/IMPACT FEE (One Time Charge), along with an application fee of $15.00

(Inside Town)
(Outside Town)
Residential $1,200.00 $2,400.00
Impact Fee (Multi Family) $2.00/gal $3.00/gal
Commercial Tap $1,500.00 $3,000.00
Impact Fee* $3.00/gal $6.00/gal

*Impact fee rate applies for any flow reserved above 500 gallons per day.  (Based on maximum daily flow)

(Billed Quarterly)

Industries in the Pretreatment Program            $300.00
*BOD          Rates $0.27
*COD          Rates $0.27
*TSS            Rates $0.27

Industrial users may qualify for a high volume discount based on the characteristics of their waste stream.
*Surcharge is due on the higher of BOD or COD in a billing period but not both per surcharge policy.

Please be aware that credit card and debt card payments have a convenience fee of $3.50.