Lyman, South Carolina


Effective Monday 2/4/2019 - Garbage Pick-Up Update:

Please be advised that effective 2/4/19 all Town of Lyman residential garbage will be collected on Mondays.  If you live within the Town limits of Lyman your new garbage pick-up day will be Monday effective 2/4/19.  Please have your garbage out at curbside the night before service.  Waste Industries, now known as GFL, will be placing a new sticker on your cart and sending a mail out to all customers informing you of these changes.  

Dear Town of Lyman Residents: 

As the Town of Lyman grows the services provided by the Town must change and grow with the demands of an increasing population.  Due to a series of events beyond anyone’s control our sanitation providers have changed.  The Town bid the service and our Mayor and Council determined the best provider for our needs to be Waste Industries. 

I would like for all of you to know that all of the providers who presented a bid, did so with the use of carts as this is the way of sanitation service presently. 


Waste Industries, now known as GFL, will be handling the Town of Lyman’s waste collection.  You all will be receiving a cart (if you have not already).  On the side of your cart are some instructions and your new pick up day.  Additionally, you will receive a mail out from Waste Industries, now known as GFL, with further information on your new sanitation provider, holidays and your new pick-up schedule.  If you do not receive a cart and live within the Town Limits of Lyman, please contact Town Hall at 864-439-3453 and we will have one delivered to you.  There have been several residents who have not received carts due to the lack of updated address lists from previous contractors.  We can easily remedy this with a call from you with your address and we will get you added to the list. 

You will receive one 95 gallon cart.  Should you need additional carts you will need to contact Waste Industries/GFL directly to arrange for additional carts at your expense.  Waste Industries has agreed to provide the additional carts to Lyman residents at a discounted rate of $7.00 per cart per month.  They are also waiving the delivery fee for those additional carts.  


 Per Waste Industries, now known as GFL, please have your cart at the curb, at least 10 feet away from obstruction like mailboxes, the night before. 


 Waste Industries, now known as GFL, has agreed to continue to service carts on the alley ways.  If you previously received service in the alley behind your home, you will now continue to do so beginning Monday, October 22, 2018.  Containers should be placed the night before service. 


 The Town understands that there are residents who cannot move their carts for many different reasons.  For individuals who are unable to place their containers, such as Senior Citizens (65), handicapped or disabled; please contact Waste Industries at 864-269-1065 and ask for Michele Cole.  Waste Industries, now known as GFL, will assess these issues on a case by case basis and has every intention and desire to assist those residents who need additional support.  All persons requesting this “backdoor service”, will need to complete a form from Waste Industries/GLF and provide a note from your doctor, the note may be emailed to Waste Industries/GLF for your convenience.  Even those residents requesting back door service due to their age, will need a letter from their doctor.  The letter can simply say “Due to Ms. Jane Doe being 65 years old, she is physically unable to move the cart to the street.” 


Some folks have received information that they may simply provide a photo of their handicapped vehicle placard for backdoor service.  Unfortunately, this is not true, a letter from your doctor will be required for all backdoor service. 


We appreciate that your sanitation service is important to you as it is to all of us.  I know that change is difficult and uncomfortable but it is also inevitable.  Please bear with us through this transition.  We truly have the Town’s best interest at heart and endeavor to provide you all with the best service possible.