Lyman, South Carolina

The Town of Lyman operates in partnership with the Tyger River Fire Department to provide excellent fire protection 24 hours per day.  Chief James Redd and Deputy Chief Shawn Harter supervise four loations:  355 Locust Street, 1090 Gap Creek Road, 1618 Holly Springs Road and a satellite station on West Gap Creek Road. 

Tyger River Fire Department serves all of the Town of Lyman and a large county response area totaling 19 sqare miles with a population of 20,200 residents.  

The Tyger River Fire Department received an ISO Class 1 in October 2016.  This is the highest rating in the fire service and Tyger River was the first in Spartanburg County to receive such pristine accomplishments.  The primary focus of the department is fire suppression and medical assistance.  In addition, the firefighters are also extensively involved in; community events, code enforcement and public education. 

We have embraced a progressive customer service philosophy that drives our day-to-day operations. The community is viewed to be our investors, and as in the Business World, we must keep our investors happy.  
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James C. Redd 
Fire Chief